Winning is a sign that we tried…

Winning is a sign that we tried…

We knew we will win hearts and minds

There are many things we learn as we grow old. Like using the correct hashtags to succinctly say and bundle your feelings in a few characters. The times are changing and so is the way stories are crafted and shared. However one thing which has not changed since a very long time is the connect of an honest story.

We knew we will win hearts and mind (if not the awards) with this project because it was honest stories of kids who are far away from any facades or cliches.


A Chance To Fly became that campaign that got us a chance to fly within and look for stories that could represent what these kids are going through day in day out. Kudos to our entire team!

Here are the details of the campaign.

Culture Opus bags an award at ACEF (Asian Customer Engagement Forum & Awards) and here is the story behind the story.

Campaign: A Chance To Fly.

Objective: Giving support to children who want to achieve great goals in life but have financial setbacks. Aditya Birla Capital wanted to give them a chance to fly. We spent 3 days with kids to capture their dreams and aspirations; hopes and fears. The videos and stories could be found here –

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