Some of the most common questions that come our way are listed here. For more, please write to us on sachin@cultureopus.com

Why do we need content?

"No matter what business you do, you are in the business of content". This belief has been further reinforced with our work experience in the industry of content and media. Today, communication is driving our highly connected businesses around the world and we fit as the perfect cogs in the wheel. You can reach out to us and join the content bandwagon for all kinds of internal and external communication that your organisation needs.

How would you help a company that is 'B2B' ?

B2B businesses often confuse themselves with Boring-to-Boring. Our lens is different. We have worked with many B2B companies, created stories for the clients and have helped them engage with their consumers and humanise their offering. There's almost nothing that we can't make interesting!

We already have a creative agency on-board, why would we need you?

That's great! But we don't create ads or ONLY creatives, so hold on to your agency. We are in the space of content and we can activate a lot of channels that are not usually the focus for creative / advertising agencies. For example, we can help you utilise the YouTube channel or create an internal branding film or create content for employer branding. There are many more touch points, trust us on this one!

What's your pricing?

We have a rate card that we can share on request. Please write a query to us on sachin@cultureopus.com with a a brief idea about the project and we will get in touch with you immediately. We don't travel faster than light, but our emails do.