Content Marketing- What NOT To Do!

Content Marketing- What NOT To Do!

 “How-Not-To’s” of content marketing

You think you can create?

And curate?

And market?


But it is still not working in your favor? May be it is still not content then!

Welcome to content marketing where the only rule is that new ways of content creation need to be realized on a daily basis to reach out to your smart audience.

We all started at some point in time and committed those “beginners’ mistakes” and we still do, but no one ever talks about it! Because we might be judged, chided or mocked? But isn’t it better than being rejected by the audience for whom you generate the content? Doug Kessler voiced out his sentiments about the state of content marketing in his infamous Crap: The content marketing deluge.

This is not about RIGHT vs. WRONG, but about small corrective steps that can be taken to create content that goes out and makes an impact and people take a note. This is about what NOT to do, even if you are tempted, when a topic is trending and everyone is talking about it, or if you have a deadline hanging on your neck.

You are tempted to target everyone. DO NOT.



Yes, the number of views, likes, shares, comments is tempting and is like oxygen for your content. But, at the cost of spamming people? Maybe not! Content marketing is one space where you don’t just compete with your competition but your fight is against all kind of content floating around. And targeting your content to your audience will give you that mileage. No one takes interest in something that is meant for everybody. Everybody is nobody!


Content is not the same as advertising, please.




Without sounding saintly, I have been guilty of this. Content creation is not about blowing your own trumpet. Even in branded content, the content should not always hover around “10 features to prove why our product is the best ever!” Well, then you are creating advertisement, not content.  Content Marketing is not a virtual sales pitch where you highlight your product features and expect the audience to react to, “..and that’s why my product is so wonderful.” A bit of smart information can be seeded in, but no infomercial please.


Content creation is not a tick mark.



Content is about story- weaved in a form that interests the audience. It is not about just churning out those 500 words or covering that topical topic. The content needs a character, a hero, like a story and should deliver something to the audience, when wrapped up. No utility content will turn off the audience and so would a lackluster one! A catchy headline followed by cool, awe- inspiring story will keep the content breathing for long. A new format, some experiments do no harm to the strategy. Did you take a note, how my content is largely memes doing the talk here?


Content is not conquering Mt. Everest- a once-and-done affair.



It is difficult to make people like “something” and a herculean task to get those people addicted to that “something.” It needs a daily, a weekly effort, a routine to be followed. Content is not a once-and-done, stop-and-start pursuit. Do not stop, keep at it, and keep the audience engaged. Do not leave them half way wondering where you vanished. Consistency pays long term. Content is not content marketing until it changes behavior and that takes time.


Creating content is not even half the job done.



Just publishing the content will not get you the audience. There are myriads of content floating and your content needs to stay afloat too. That vuvuzela is needed now! A content marketing is not complete until aligned with the larger business goals. It needs to be distributed and promoted, and then tracked and analyzed. Leverage your content on social media, syndicate it on good publications and consider paid advertisements as well.  The content promotion and distribution should be an ever evolving process to better the momentum and the result.


Content marketing is not a T 20 match but a Test Series. Stay put.



Content marketing strategies take months to boom and thrive successfully. And this is where most of us falter, expecting lightening quick magical results and giving up too soon. Content marketing takes time to unfold, to build a fan base or a “tribe.” A tribe cannot be built over weeks, it takes months to develop their interest and gain their loyalty and then a cult following. Content marketing isn’t a race, it’s a marathon. You need at least a six-month commitment to develop, refine, remix, distribute your content and then repeat the process all over again.

Content marketing is here for a long- haul, play it well and build something precious!

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