Life Lessons From Video Games

If you were to draw life lessons from the games we played on our 16 bit console, what would they be like?

Rich Lad Poor Lad

How to trick your brain with data to save money.

Do Our Jobs Define Us?

In this era of hyperactivity and multitasking, do you think your job defines who you are? #Jobs #Office #Corporate #Evolution # Corporate #Culture #Psychology #Philosophy #Company #Organizations #Work #Occupation #SocialImage #Ethnicity #Identity #Valuetainment # ContentMarketing #StoryTelling

Is Your Passion Becoming A Liability?

Passionate people are great to work with. They tend to develop strong relationships and compatibility with coworkers and their environment. They are very good with soft skills and values like trust, compassion, transparency and mutual-appreciation. But most of them lack a very basic professional skill – How to negotiate for time and money.

Understanding Monsters: Deconstructing Cultural Images of Evil

If you are asked to close your eyes and think of a monster, what images would your brain fire up? You might think of a terrorist, or Adolf Hitler, King Kong, Dracula, Loch Ness Monster. Or even Donald Trump, depending on your socio-political beliefs. The images would essentially be an amalgamation of your personal hate…
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Why Is ‘B2B Marketing’‚Äč confused With Boring-To-Boring?

(5 mins read) Marketing as a function is known for creativity and innovation. While glamour, creativity and fun are associated with B2C marketing, the idea of creating a B2B communication can convert creative, marketing guys into cynics. Why do we think of B2B as a boring cousin of B2C ? Why do we confuse B2B…
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Is ‘Sharing’ Holier Than ‘Creating’? [Part 1]

You might have seen people fighting for the ownership of the same creation/idea or about rights over an IP. It is a possibility that both might have thought of the very same idea, but then the main question is “Who created it first?”. In that sense it is strikingly similar to territorial fights of animal…
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You and I, we both could be wrong…

My friend Simon does not argue much. When we go out for dinners, someone selects the restaurants, someone suggests a movie we all shall go to and even what music we all should listen to. But Simon, he never has any debates with anyone. We first though that he is either a person with no…
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Self Appraisals: How good are we at evaluating ourselves?

When I was given a chance to self appraise myself, my first thoughts were – “Are you serious? Why do I have to fill a number in an excel sheet to show how good I am?”. I was this rockstar of some sorts who was killing everything with his new found knowledge and inherited efficiency.…
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Earworms: Tunes that don’t leave you

Music is a great art form as it uses both time and space. Music is supposed to fill you emotionally and entertain you. With music one can enjoy the sense of time and life, in forward direction. But there are some tunes that are rather special as they can consume you, as opposed to you…
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