"Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form."

- Jean Luc Godard

Things we’re known for


We love to tell stories. Well! Who doesn’t. But we also have professionally trained magicians to weave the wonders.


Everyone has a super power. You just need a story to unleash yours. This is what we do, we discover stories of powerful brands. 


Buying our services is like spreading seeds. We are a great investment you can make for your company. Share your thoughts, try us.


We provide Content Solutions!

No matter what business you do, you are in the business of content. And we believe we know how to create content that adds value to your business.


You need your brand to look better, need a new logo, or an infographic to explain your product, or an explainer animation. You want those slides to look snazzy, wish someone could design a social media campaign…say no more…


You know your brand is iconic and will fuel your business, but can’t articulate what it means to the world. The Brand Discovery service helps the brand find its purpose through tested tools and applied theories of brand building.


Your product/ brand needs to dress up for Amazon marketplace. We help you profile the category and pitch the brand with all the necessary items for world’s best online platforms. You can trust us on this as we have listed thousands of products online in international markets


Our Work

A Chance To Fly

Who needs an advertisment when a documentary film can say it all…

Let The Children Play

If we can see the world through children’s eyes, we will let them be what they want to be…

Steve’s Job!

An explainer film featuring the challenges faced by a plant manufacturer and solutions provided by MESTECH…

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Culture Opus chiseled our brand identity and came up with the brand mantra “Touch The Future”. Their “Brand Discovery Workshop” helped our senior management gain a fresh perspective that helps us in building a truly cohesive brand strategy and co-create the brand. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is seeking articulation for their brand’s core strengths. I appreciate them for their “fearless” approach to question the norm, their knack to customise the solutions to our needs and build concepts and content that binds various business assets into one brand theme.

Amitabh Chaturvedi
Founder Director 

InnovaPoint Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Culture Opus worked on a marketing video for our organization. The passion and personal touch that Culture Opus gave while working with us was very good. We did not feel that they are from a different organization at all. They took time to understand our domain and made good suggestions while we were putting across the messaging. It was wonderful experience working with Culture Opus.

Vaidee Sampathkumar
Global Director


Culture Opus helped us to gain better online traction, and enabled us to improve our brand-perception into a company that is committed towards developing sports in India. This has also made it easier for us to get into partnership opportunities with other (non-competing) brands.

Ankit Bhatia
Lead Product Manager


MESTECH offers very unique services and understanding our business and giving the logo design for the same, is not an easy task. We wanted a fresh look with a right message and justice was done by Culture Opus team.

Saurabh Jain
Business Manager


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Our Team

We are a small-sized but powerful team on a mission to fight boredom and storytelling is our weapon.

Shreya Parashar


Sachin Sharma


Richa Parashar

Business Head, UK

Anu singh

Business Head, India

Our Happy Clients


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